Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Madison Class Of 1980 Reunion Flash Invite.

This is from 1999. The first Flash project I ever worked on.

As part of the first graduating class of 1980 from Madison High School in San Antinio, Texas, I am always happy to jump on anything that has to do with bringing everyone together again.

I did the design and direction, the awesome programing is by friend and Intergalactic Hero Todd Morey along with another talented bud, Sir Nothing-But-Net James Lewis.

So enjoy the original invite as it appeared on the web back in the late 1990's, complete with an easter egg and a typo!

View: Madison Reunion Flash Invite.


james said...

You made my day. My first flash project at BIG. wOw.i am Old, thank yOu.

HMK said...

Ha, just think how it makes me feel!